After Builders Cleaning


Cleaning up after the builders have left can be an unpleasant job that reminds you of how much of a necessary intrusion their presence felt like at the time. Let our after builders cleaning team magic the problem away for you! We’ll make it seem like your builders were never there – We clean, dust, sweep, remove all marks, and generally erase all the mess that appeared while your home improvement or repair work was being done. This fully insured service is performed by trained and experienced professionals. You’ll get complete clean of your entire home- not just the bits that your construction team were in!

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Our Total After Builders Cleaning Services Cover The Whole Of Your Property, And Give You:


        • A powerful clean using the latest equipment and solution in the hands of a highly trained team.
        • Support and friendly customer service from our helpful staff
        • Handy booking options, including weekdays, weekends and even public holidays.
        • Some of the best value for money on the market, and FREE quotes on our prices on request.
        • Insurance protection for every job that We carry out cleaning.
        • Additional services to complete the job, including carpet and many more.

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What's Included In Our Builders Cleaning Services

The exact details of what’s included in your builders cleaning services will vary according to the work you’ve had done and the current condition of your property. This is an hourly based service and really very flexible so you can set things up to suit your needs. When you contact us the customer support team will ask a few question and make a recommendation on how long you should book the team to complete your work.

The Right Tools & Equipment

Excellent workmanship requires the right tools and equipment – We ensure that your post construction cleaning team have everything they need. That means:

  • We bring all the equipment and cleaning agents required to complete the work-their suuply is included in the price you’ll be quoted.
  • We’ve invested in industrial grade vacuum cleaners, tough enough to deal with debris and with build-in filtration systems to ensure that the finest dust is removed.
  • We use professional detergents for general cleaning-you can’t buy these in the shops. They’re eco-friendly, non-toxic and formulated to give great results in a short time.
  • We also provide specialist solvents and cleaners for construction cleaning needs,so We’ll tackle things like paint, plaster or varnish splashes too.


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The Team

All of the construction cleaning teams are comprised off experienced professionals who take pride in giving you the results you’re looking for:

  • Your services are provided under full insurance, and staff who We send to your door are reference checked and receive extensive training before starting work.
  • As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction We also have quality control supervisors who monitor the work that’s delivered by the teams on a regular basis.
  • Our after building cleaning service is guaranteed – if anything gets overloocked or isn’t done up to standard We’ll return and do it again,for FREE of course.